Lifetime Warranty

The Lexerd Lifetime Warranty Replacement will replace your Lexerd TrueVue™ Screen Protector at any time for LIFE.

If the TrueVue™ protector you are using has been scratches or damaged when it's protecting your screen, you will be able to request a free replacement.
*Returning the used or defective Lexerd TrueVue™ screen protector is required. To receive Lexerd Lifetime Warranty Replacement for your Lexerd
TrueVue™Screen Protector, please send us a request and we will contact with you as soon as we receive it.

Please note:
a. The replacement item must be the same feature protector as the used Lexerd Truevue screen protector.

b. Install
TrueVue™ screen protector improperly won't be able to request a replacement. Bubbles under the TrueVue™screen protector or wrong alignment of TrueVue™ screen protector on the screen.

c. For Installation steps, please see

d. The Lexerd Lifetime Warranty Replacement is free** of charge. *However, if the defective screen protector or the screen protector you would like to have replaced is not returned in 60 days after it's been delivered, your credit card will be charged for the amount of the replacement product. And also, there will be a minimum reshipping and handling fee per items for regular delivery. For larger items such as laptop screen protector, there will be a higher reshipping and handling fee.

Before you request for a replacement, here are the steps that you need to know and read carefully:
1. Go to
Contact Us

2. Please give us the following information in the message box:
• Name
• E-mail address
• Order Number and Item Number
• Your mailing address
• Your credit card#

3. As soon as we receive your request, we will be in contact with you and send you a replacement code.

4. When you receive the replacement product, please send us back the used or defective screen protector you received the replacement for.

** Please be aware that you are responsible for shipping back to our facility. Any mail that is sent 'postage due' will not be accepted. We regret any inconvenience this may cause.


Returning address:

Lexerd NJ LLC Lifetime Replacements

288 Egg Harbor Rd., Ste 9-10

Sewell, NJ 08080 USA


Lexerd NJ LLC reserves the right to deny any warranty claims.